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See below for the list of 2024 winners in the SELF-HELP category, for books with a copyright date of 2023.

Brave Thinking: The Art and Science of Creating a Life You Love
2024 Gold Winner

Author: Mary Morrissey

Publisher: Page Two

ISBN: 9781774580936

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Deep inside you is a dream for an extraordinary life. To create a life you love, however, you can’t just dream it, you must also build it. In Brave Thinking, Mary Morrissey gives you the tools you need to achieve what is possible in the four quadrants of your life: health and well-being, love and relationships, vocation, and time and money freedom.

Love Every Day: 365 Relational Self-Awareness Practices to Help Your Relationship Heal, Grow, and Thrive
2024 Silver Winner

Author: Alexandra H. Solomon, PhD

Publisher: PESI Publishing

ISBN: 9781683736530

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Relationship expert Alexandra Solomon, PhD, offers 365 daily practices to cultivate a curious and compassionate approach to your relationships with others, as well as your relationship with yourself. Inspired by her popular Instagram feed and grounded in her life-changing approach to relationships – Relational Self-Awareness.

Stress Wisely: How to Be Well in an Unwell World
2024 Silver Winner

Author: Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Publisher: Page Two

ISBN: 9781774582626

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A deeply personal, practical, and purpose-driven guide to making stress your ally in ever-changing times, Dr. Robyne braids research with relatable insights and tools that makes a well-life possible. Dr. Robyne educates and inspires by dismantling complex human variables with authenticity, humour, and ease, making her work accessible and engaging.

See below for the list of 2023 winners in the SELF-HELP category, for books with a copyright date of 2022.

The Fiscal Feminist: A Financial Wake-Up Call for Women
2023 Gold Winner

Author: Kimberlee Davis

Publisher: Wonderwell

ISBN: 9781637560006

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Women are likely to live longer, earn less, and have to work harder than men to get ahead. In The Fiscal Feminist, wealth manager and podcast host Kimberlee Davis taps her 25 years’ experience to teach women how to take charge of their money and control their financial destiny.

Tell Me More About That: Solving the Empathy Crisis One Conversation at a Time
2023 Silver Winner

Author: Rob Volpe

Publisher: Page Two

ISBN: 978-1-77458-089-9

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Empathy is in short supply these days―and it's hurting us. In Tell Me More About That, brand strategist and thought leader Rob Volpe draws on his years conducting thousands of in-home interviews with everyday people to illustrate the 5 Steps to Empathy―the actions you can take to build a strong and reflexive empathy muscle.

Tiny Humans, Big Lessons: How the NICU Taught Me to Live with Energy, Intention, and Purpose
2023 Silver Winner

Author: Sue Ludwig

Publisher: Page Two

ISBN: 978-1-77458-097-4

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In this remarkable book, neonatal therapist and organizational founder Sue Ludwig reveals life-changing lessons from the tiniest mentors on the planet—infants in the NICU. She shows how following the lead of these fragile, yet feisty humans allowed her to step off her “hamster wheel” of existence and into a life of vibrancy and purpose.

See below for the list of 2022 winners in the SELF-HELP category, for books with a copyright date of 2021.

Cherishable: An Illuminating Guide for Caregivers and Patients
2022 Gold Winner

Author: Julie J. Wylie

Publisher: Pond Reads Press

ISBN: 978-1-64343-972-3

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Cherishable is a bright light illuminating a dark path and inspires us to cherish our time together. Julie’s spiritually enlightening journey will remind you how to treasure your time with a loved one before and after death. The greater the relationship, the greater the need to commemorate it. 

Cover to Cover: What First-Time Authors Need to Know about Editing
2022 Silver Winner

Author: Sandra Wendel

Publisher: Write On Ink Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-7326404-0-5

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First-time authors: read this book before you publish your book. Don’t make amateur mistakes. Even if you slept through English class, and don’t know a comma from a clause, you can prepare your masterpiece for professional editing. Turn vulnerability into confidence with insider secrets to publishing success from a veteran book editor.

Wake Up! Change Up! Rise Up!: Practical Tools for Personal Transformation
2022 Silver Winner

Author: Lynn Lok-Payne

Publisher: WellMinded Media

ISBN: 978-1-7364597-9-9

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Struggling to find inner peace in a world of overwhelming change? Discover ways to embrace the current and turn challenges into possibilities. Wake Up! Change Up! Rise Up!: Practical Tools for Personal Transformation is a go-to guide with clear-cut research, inspirational stories, and exercises to create a more empowering life.

See below for the list of 2021 winners in the SELF-HELP category, for books with a copyright date of 2020. Click here to watch the Gold and Silver winner speeches.

Dementia Together: How to Communicate to Connect
2021 Gold Winner

Author: Pati Bielak-Smith

Publisher: Puddle Dancer Press

ISBN: 978-1-934336-18-2

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A practical guide to building and sustaining healthy relationships with someone experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer's or another dementia - This book is for family members, friends, spouses, caregivers, and those who simply care. There are ways to communicate that result in greater capacity to receive as well as to provide both warm connection and practical collaboration. Living with dementia gives everyone an opportunity to grow their hearts bigger.

Exit the Maze: One Addiction, One Cause, One Cure
2021 Silver Winner

Author: Dr. Donna Marks

Publisher: Westward Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-578-59545-0

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Exit the Maze goes beyond traditional treatment offering less than a twenty-five percent rate of recovery. With over 30 years of personal and professional experience, Marks explains why abstinence and healing the underlying trauma are not enough. She contends that every addiction is a substitute for love, self-love is the only path to permanent freedom.

The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health: Navigate an Unequal System, Learn Tools for Emotional Wellness, and Get the Help You Deserve
2021 Silver Winner

Author: Rheeda Walker, PhD

Publisher: New Harbinger Press

ISBN: 978-1-68403-414-7

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There is a Black mental health crisis in our world today. This book is a candid exploration of the forces that have undermined Black mental health for generations. It is, simultaneously, an inspiring roadmap for healing emotional pain, tackling stigma, and living more fully using culturally and empirically supported tools.


See below for the list of 2020 winners in the SELF-HELP category, for books with a copyright date of 2019.

Your Turn.jpg
Your Turn: Ways to Celebrate Life through Storytelling
2020 Gold Winner

Author: Dr. Tyra Manning

Publisher: She Writes Press

ISBN: 978-1-6315245-6-1

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A renowned educator offers stories from her own life, followed by an invitation for readers to delve into their own emotional histories and explore writing.

From Fear to Faith.JPG
From Fear to Faith
2020 Silver Winner

Author: Julie Klenk

Publisher: Tristan Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-939881-18-2

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From Fear to Faith is a simple, life-changing study of who God is, who we are, and where we find our identity, peace and strength.

Mental Health Strong.jpg
Mental Health Strong: A Christian’s Guide to Walking Resiliently Alongside Your Spouse with a Mental Health Condition
2020 Silver Winner

Author: Erin Ramachandran 

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 978-1-5320692-8-4

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Mental Health Strong is a how-to guide of a spouse whose partner battles multiple mental health conditions and offers real-life, faith-based, practical examples and resources.

Truthspeaking: Ancestral Ways to Hear and Speak the Voice of the Heart
2020 Silver Winner

Author: Tamarack Song

Publisher: Snow Wolf Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9894737-6-7

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Let’s reacquaint ourselves with a way of life based on the gentle, clear, and heartfelt communication which the American Indian Elders I apprenticed to called Truthspeaking.

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