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Fiction: Horror


See below for the list of 2024 winners in the FICTION: HORROR category, for books with a copyright date of 2023.

The Woodkin
2024 Gold Winner

Author: Alexander James

Publisher: CamCat Books

ISBN: 9780744302356

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When detouring through a small mountain town with missing hiker posters, a hiker is chased back on the trail by the hostile residents. Beneath a full moon, the woods awaken, and he fears that he won’t make it out alive.

Girl Among Crows
2024 Silver Winner

Author: Brendon Vayo

Publisher: CamCat Books

ISBN: 9780744306552

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A woman investigates the disappearances of children in her small town with eerie similarities to her brother’s vanishing thirty years ago, but connecting the past with the present could bring to light her family’s dark secrets—and the town’s monstrous history.

The Raven
2024 Silver Winner

Author: Dani Lamia with Gwendolyn Kress

Publisher: Level 4 Press

ISBN: 9781933769707

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Rebekah is bullied relentlessly at high school, so she dreams about a cloaked savior, The Raven, who will exact bloody revenge on her tormentors. But when Rebekah discovers that her Poe-inspired dreams have deadly real-world consequences, she tries to stop The Raven... until he turns his terrifying sights on her.


See below for the list of 2023 winners in the FICTION: HORROR category, for books with a copyright date of 2022.

The Girl in the Corn
2023 Gold Winner

Author: Jason Offutt

Publisher: CamCat Books

ISBN: 978-0-7443-0499-2

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As a child, Thomas faced an evil entity that threatens to devour the fairy world. Now an adult, he teams up with the girl in the corn to save her world⎯and his⎯from Dauðr, only to realize that he may not be able to distinguish good from evil before evil swallows them whole.

Infested: A Fast-Paced Thriller Horror Novel
2023 Silver Winner

Author: C.M. Forest

Publisher: Eerie River Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-990245-58-9 (paperback); 978-1-990245-59-6 (hardcover)

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A parasite has begun invading--possessing--the residents of the New Leaf Building. Transforming them into twisted versions of their former selves with one thing on their mind. To kill. Olivia, trapped and desperate to find her husband, must venture into the endless corridors and face her nightmares. She must face the Infested.

Lie Still the Dead
2023 Silver Winner

Authors: Matthew Heilman & Ryan Henry

Publisher: Stygian Press

ISBN: 978-0-9785591-7-5

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A sinister presence lurks within the woods of Williamsport, Virginia. A mysterious, unpredictable, and cruel creature driven by spite and centuries of madness. Combining elements of modern police procedurals and atmospheric gothic horror, authors Ryan Henry and Matthew Heilman deliver one of the most frightening vampire novels in decades.


See below for the list of 2022 winners in the FICTION: HORROR category, for books with a copyright date of 2021.

A Fig for all the Devils
2022 Gold Winner

Author: C.S. Fritz

Publisher: Albatross Book Co.

ISBN: 978-8-9850-3460-8

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Abused and impoverished, Sonny has given up on life until he meets death. The Grim Reaper, a junk-food loving, poetry-reading, cigarette-addicted entity, has limited time as he searches for a suitable successor. Grooming his apprentice through horror-laced events, Reaper unknowingly gives Sonny something he never intended: A reason to live.

The Dreadful Call and Other Stories of the Supernatural and Suspense
2022 Silver Winner

Author/Illustrator: by Jon Ring, illustrated by Vinessa Sanford

Publisher: Sweetgrass Books

ISBN: 978-1-59152-280-5

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Fantastical creatures, haunted forests, and tales of terror await readers in this collection of thirteen delightfully spooky yarns. Step into a magical dimension of nail-biting suspense with each story transporting readers into a world of the unexplainable and unnatural, where some doors best remain locked!

The House of Dust
2022 Silver Winner

Author: Noah Broyles

Publisher: Inkshares

ISBN: 978-1-942483-94-6

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A failing crime writer and a former nightclub hostess are drawn to a derelict plantation in rural Tennessee. But amid the humidity, the stillness, and the strange symbols, something is rising from the earth. A presence, a past, and a horrible price each must pay to attain peace.


See below for the list of 2021 winners in the FICTION: HORROR category, for books with a copyright date of 2020. Click here to watch the Gold and Silver winner speeches.

Confessions of a Gentleman Killer: A Novel
2021 Gold Winner

Author: Johnny Payne

Publisher: Blacklight Press, A City of Light Imprint

ISBN: 978-1-942483-94-6

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Kilcairn is a brilliant man with a philosopher’s mind, ambitious and capable, gentle and thoughtful. But when his life begins to unravel, blood lust overtakes him. Was the urge always there? An intimate peek into one serial killer’s mind. What motivates a man who, otherwise, would be the perfect gentleman?

The Nosferatu Conspiracy: Book One: The Sleepwalker
2021 Silver Winner

Author: Brian James Gage

Publisher: KDK 12 Press

ISBN: 978-0-578-62713-7

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A sprawling horror epic set in Saint Petersburg, Russia, against the backdrop of the Fall of the Romanov Dynasty. Evoking elements of Jack the Ripper and Vlad Dracula, the first book in the Nosferatu Conspiracy series is a suspense-filled retelling of Rasputin's diabolical influence over the final days of the Romanov Dynasty.

2021 Silver Winner

Author: Dana McSwain

Publisher: Webb House Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-7352860-4-4

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Georgia Pritchard's dream house has a dead child in the attic and a monster in the basement but she can't tell her husband because she's not sure it's really him anymore.


See below for the list of 2020 winners in the FICTION: HORROR category, for books with a copyright date of 2019.

Whitetooth Falls.jpg
Whitetooth Falls
2020 Gold Winner

Author: Justin Joschko

Publisher: JournalStone Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-950305-12-4

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A homicide detective investigates a deadly feud between a mob boss and a mysterious figure who hunts his victims on the night of each full moon.

Dark Conjurings.jpg
Dark Conjurings: A Short Fiction Horror Anthology
2020 Silver Winner

Editor: Delia Remington

Publisher: Eagle Heights Press

ISBN: 978-1-947181-15-1

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Six gripping tales conjuring a world of dark imaginings where nightmares stalk and shadows linger with ghosts and ghouls, monsters and magic, murder and mayhem.

Girl in the Mirror.jpg
The Girl in the Mirror: A Sarah Greene Supernatural Mystery
2020 Silver Winner

Author: Steven Ramirez

Publisher: Glass Highway

ISBN: 978-1-949108-03-3

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While renovating an old house, Sarah Greene finds a mirror holding a dead girl’s spirit and awakens dangerous dark forces that could harm her.

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